Students for Science empowers young people to engage with and advocate for science in the public and private sectors.

Created by students, for students, the Students for Science club will bring together high school students, teachers, and scientific experts in regular meetings with an available, flexible curriculum.  Through after school programs, the club will promote student engagement in science and increased science literacy.  Through its link with the March for Science organization, club organizers will be able to match with local scientists and experts for lessons, workshops, and talks.  

In the club, high school students will gain a greater understanding of the connections between science, society, and policy.  Today's high school students will be voters in the 2018 and 2020 elections and we want to empower fellow students to play a powerful role in the future of policy.  After-school programs will include discussions of current issues around science in policy and encourage students to reach out to their representatives to make their voices heard. Through science education we can create a new generation of science advocates.  Learn More

Materials for sessions coming soon!


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