Students for Science works to empower young people to inspire meaningful scientific discourse with the public, engage with non-scientists and scientists alike over issues at the intersection of science and advocacy, and act on the behalf of evidence-based policy at any level of government. By serving as an entry point into STEM and advocacy for the next generation, we will bring together young people around the world to change our future.

Students for Science aims to provide youth with the resources and support network to address the issues of today with facts and scientific vigor. We seek to engage with students and encourage their development as citizens of the world by providing platforms that amplify important scientific issues and present them from a perspective that emphasizes civic responsibility and community engagement. In doing so, we strive to realize science’s social conscience and our belief that support and trust in science are vital to our identity and future.

Our mission is fundamentally non-partisan. The creation of a better future through science is not a matter of leaning left or right, but of looking forward and recognizing the human condition’s role as the engine of scientific progress. Unless we safeguard the institutions and research that seek to better all domains of modern society, we risk our collective future. By enabling youth to serve as community leaders and science advocates, Students for Science embraces the potential of the next generation to enact transformative change motivated by science.